This summer the prophecy will be fulfilled…

Artwork Giveaways

The TJ Art Club Discord was established in March and is the online meeting place for a fast growing, passionate community of NFT art enthusiasts and collectors. 

I will post up-to-date information on my website here about any upcoming NFT or limited edition print giveaways that I’ll be offering members in the discord community. 

Join the Discord to take part in the conversations and to have the opportunity to win my artwork. 

Next Giveaway:

The commissioned portrait & 1/1 NFT is still up for grabs when Bitcoin hits $77,777. Everyone with an angel in their wallet will be eligible to win this unique artwork. 

More giveaways in the works now. Watch this space! ​

Win a commissioned portrait drawing. Click the image to find out more.
The Bitcoin Angel print framed.