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The Ensō And The Pixel

It is often remarked that art is a communication process between the artist and the observer. Regardless of their discipline and choices of medium artists often feel the compulsion to create art that will be seen and observed and to explore themes and concepts that will provoke discussion and ultimately, reaction. In contrast to this very outward looking instinct and yearning to connect and communicate with an audience is the Ensō. 

Originating in Japanese calligraphy and Zen Buddhism the Ensō is a mediative hand drawn circle produced from a single brushstroke. Unlike the outward reach of artistic creativity or indeed even the ego of the artist the Ensō is an inward self-reflective act that resonates with the desire for enlightenment and a belief in oneself. The simple circle symbolises the beginning and end of all things, strength and elegance, the universe, single mindedness, and the state of mind of the artist at the moment of creation and the acceptance of imperfection as its own form of perfection.  

The Ensō also represents the oneness of life and all things contained within it, the spirit of harmonious cooperation, personal development and refinement of character, simplicity, completeness, endlessness, perfect harmony, the circle of infinity and the cyclical nature of existence. 

With this in mind the Ensō has been chosen to represent the journey that has led to this point in time in my career. With the addition of the pixel to the circle the fusion of traditional artistic practice with technology becomes a symbol of my evolution. 

The logo itself is flexible and versatile with an adaptive colour scheme yet remains consistent and recognisable. It represents my journey and the path taken as well as the path I will take, the past and the future. This new symbol represents the moment of creativity, the physical and the digital, the traditional and the innovative, and ultimately my desire to find meaning in my work, in my life and peace within myself as the world accelerates at an ever-increasing speed towards the digital era. 

One thought on “The Ensō And The Pixel

  1. What a great symbol of your journey and including the traditional art with your tech art now and into the future 🙌🏼

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