This summer the prophecy will be fulfilled…



On 7 June 2024 Trevor will launch an auction for the first wave of CryptoAngels: the Archangel Collection. This will be in an edition of 21 packages, released on the web3 auction house Tribul.

The Bronze Sculpture

The Archangel Collection includes a magnificent 7 kg (15 lb) bronze-cast sculpture of the Bitcoin Angel in an edition of 21, each cased in an impressive oak presentation box.

Each of the 21 sculptures is inextricably linked to an Ethereum NFT that depicts one of the 21 Archangels who lead the angelic host of Heaven. Additionally, there is an ordinal version of the Archangel on the Bitcoin network, a 41 x 31 cm (16 x 12 in) Bitcoin Angel print from an edition of 21, and auction winners will be able to mint a company of 50 CryptoAngels from stage 2 of the project.

The sculpture and Ethereum NFT will be tethered together using Tribul’s digital and physical tethering solution. This means that they can only be bought and sold as a single unit and cannot be separated. Tribul can ship the sculpture to the auction winner’s door or hold it in storage if preferred. The Archangel ordinal, Bitcoin Angel print, four additional Archangel NFTs (see Stage 1: The Archangel Collection for these extras) and the CryptoAngel ordinals will all be separate, so can be traded independently of the sculpture and Ethereum NFT.

Additionally, the 21 winning bidders each will receive two free tickets for the next Castle Party, which is currently being planned for 2025. For more information and previous examples of these amazing events, see here.

The Making of the Sculpture

Trevor made his initial design sketches for the sculpture two years ago. He then worked with the master sculptors at Beltane Studios in the Scottish Borders to realise the designs in hot cast bronze. The sculpture comes in a beautiful hand-crafted oak presentation box, which was designed by Trevor and built by a master craftsman. Each box is inset with a cast-bronze Ensō-Pixel logo and edition-number bronze plate.

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Ethereum NFT

Each of the 21 NFTs will be an image of the 3D rendering of one of the Archangels – the commanders in the armies of the Light. The Archangels have been designed by Trevor in collaboration with Apollo Entertainment. .

The Avatars

Each Archangel is named after an angel found in the scriptures of the world, boasting a unique appearance, including armour, wings, halo, coloured background, and star constellation chosen to symbolize his individual character. Each commands a flight of 370 CryptoAngels from stage 2 of the project, and these CryptoAngels share their commanding Archangel's constellation symbol. Additionally, every CryptoAngel has a secondary affiliation with one of the Archangels denoted by the coloured background behind both the Archangels and CryptoAngels.

The Weapons

As a general in the eternal war with the forces of darkness, each Archangel carries his own weapon, all 21 of which have been designed by Trevor in collaboration with Apollo Entertainment.

Bitcoin Ordinal

The Archangel ordinal will be another depiction of the counterpart Archangel NFT in each package. It will be sent to auction winners separately. The company of 50 CryptoAngel ordinals will be possible to mint on OrdinalsBot this summer.

Fifty CryptoAngel Ordinals

The CryptoAngels project is an important landmark in a journey that Trevor began six years ago, when he painted The Ecstasy, a play on The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa, a Renaissance sculpture by Gian Lorenzo Bernini.

The 7,777 CryptoAngels are divided into 21 flights, each under the command of one of the 21 Archangels released the previous month. These flights of 370 CryptoAngels will share a background colour with spiritual symbolism and bear a shield displaying the constellation symbol of their commanding Archangel. Additionally, the angels have been designed from variations in skin colour, facial features, hair, wings, weaponry, clothing, auras (coins) and accessories to make each CryptoAngel completely unique.

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Bitcoin Angel Print

Auction winners will also receive a limited edition of 21 prints in this particular size of Trevor’s famous Bitcoin Angel from an edition of 21.

Dimensions: 41 x 31 cm (16 x 12 in) with 4cm (1.6 in) border