This summer the prophecy will be fulfilled…



The 21 Archangels stand as the majestic leaders of the formidable 7,777 strong CryptoAngels army. These illustrious commanders are adorned with specific star constellations and spiritual colours chosen to symbolise their individual characters and divine missions.

From the fierce and fiery red of the warrior angel to the serene and calming blue of the guardian, each of the 21 Archangels brings a unique blend of strength, wisdom, and protection, ensuring that their legions are ready to triumph in the epic battle between light and darkness.

Each Archangel will be the symbolic leader of a flight of 370 CryptoAngels from the 7,777 ordinals drop coming soon. These CryptoAngels share their commanding Archangel's constellation symbol plus every CryptoAngel has a secondary affiliation with one of the Archangels denoted by their matching coloured backgrounds.

1. Michael of Flight Taurus (Moderats: The Bull)

At the centre of Creation stands the Kingdom of Heaven, and at the centre of Heaven stands the Citadel of Light. Hewn from the sparkling stone of Mons Divinus, the palace seems to grow from the side of that mountain, bristling with towers of silver and gold. At its gates stands Taurus of the Golden Hide, a gigantic bull who guards the Citadel against those whose hearts are false.

2. Raphael of Flight Monoceros (Blondie23LMD: The Unicorn)

In the sunlit Meadows of Ambrosia, on the edge of the Viridian Forest, stands the Château Valeureux, the most beautiful castle in all Heaven. With its iridescent white walls and sweeping buttresses, its structure gives a sense of both elegance and strength. From its cone-topped towers fly pennants of Azure, a unicorn rampant Argent.

3. Metatron of Flight Leo (The Maine Mariner: The Lion)

In the early days of Creation, when the Dark and the Light battled in the young Worlds, the conflict made great ructions in the primal forces of matter and spirit. In the darkest days of that Dawn War, as the armies of the Light found themselves besieged on all sides, elemental Earth and Fire threw up volcanic mountains around them that aided their defence against the attack. These became known as the mountains of Ignea, and ever after they came to define the borders of the realm that would be known as Heaven.

4. Phanuel of Flight Columba (NorCal_Guy: The Dove)

Though the highest realm in Creation, Heaven itself has altitudes rarely visited by its inhabitants. The celestial exosphere is a vast white expanse that separates the upper reaches of Heaven from the unknowable Void that surrounds all Creation. Its only permanent inhabitants are its white spirit doves and the angel Phanuel.

5. Selaphiel of Flight Cetus (Cryptui: the Sea Monster)

Atlantis, Lemuria, Ys, the tale of the underwater civilisation is a legend whose variants can be found across the Worlds of the Multiverse. The realm of Caeruleus is the true origin of these stories. It is the vast cosmic ocean that separates Heaven from the lower Worlds. It can be conceived as a sea of brilliant blue waters illuminated by phosphorescent jellyfish; a land of coral castles and palaces with gardens of many-coloured aquatic plants swaying in the gentle current, and inhabited by dolphins, fishes, and seahorse-mounted merfolk.

6. Barachiel of Flight Cygnus (1confirmation: the Swan)

The Powers of the Dark take many forms. Some are violent and overt, making direct assault against Heaven or causing destruction across the Worlds of the Multiverse. But around each stable World radiate shadow spectra where spawn more malign and subtle forces. These target souls, constantly questing for vulnerabilities in minds, sowing fear, paranoia, madness. The hours of darkness are when they are strongest, when they manifest in the form of nightmares, but they can strike at any time. Creative mortals are especially vulnerable to their attacks.

7. Jeremiel of Flight Draco (MYSTERIO: The Dragon)

A leading general in the battle with the Dark, Jeremiel commands the Emerald Fire, Heaven’s great flight of green warrior dragons, the greatest air force in all Creation. The Archangel and his flight live and train in the Dragonlands, a live range of the volcanic mountains of Ignea on the border of Heaven. The Dragonlands glow with the swirling colours of fire obsidian, plumes of blue smoke rising from craters into a sky alive with shifting auroras. Within the volcanoes the dragons lay their eggs, the hatchlings growing in the intense heat to great sizes, with breaths of searing fire.

8. Sariel of Flight Canes Venatici
(ArtoftheFuture: The Hunting Dogs)

Sariel has an uneasy relationship with his fellows. Those more pious of the Powers regard him with distaste. His attitude can be cynical, his humour irreverent, his methods cold-blooded. He might even have a touch of cruelty in his nature. For some he is just not angelic enough. But however he deports himself, his function is essential.

9. Raguel of Flight Lynx (WCC: the Lynx)

Once upon a time, many eons ago, an Archangel abandoned Heaven. He donned plain tan robes, concealed his wings with a glamour, looped an axe through his belt, and just walked out. His leaving caused outrage among the Powers, and he was sought across the Worlds by his brethren in the Light for many ages, but he could not be found. Now he has been all but forgotten, save for those few loyal servants who still pray for his return.

10. Remiel of Flight Phoenix (Jordan: the Phoenix)

There are some mortals among the Worlds who have awareness of the Archangels. Most have only a popular knowledge of the legends, though some might adopt one as a patron, praying their aid in times of need. Then there are the scholars and mystics who make a deeper study, delving into the Divine Mysteries, sometimes even attempting contact with the Powers of the Light. And there are a few who desire to go further, to truly know the nature of the Light, to see with divine vision, to fly with the angels. And their way is the hardest of all mortals, for they must bear the Trial of Remiel.

11. Sachiel of Flight Eridanus (The Dogecoin Family: The River)

The complexity of the Multiverse is beyond mortal comprehension, so analogy must be used when considering it. One popular conception is to picture the Worlds of the Multiverse as docks on the eternally branching Eridanus, an infinite cosmic waterway of streams, tributaries, distributaries, confluences, and canals. The would-be traveller between the worlds must study and prepare rigorously for such a journey, for the Eridanus has its own forms of whirlpools, weirs, cataracts, currents, and predators, which make passage between the Worlds difficult and dangerous. Few of those who have attempted the voyage alone have survived, and fewer still have moored at their intended destination.

12. Uriel of Flight Centaurus (Raj71.eth: The Centaur)

Uriel is a well-known and loved figure of folklore throughout the Multiverse. Paintings and carvings of him adorn many homes, rest houses, and inns. Popular representations of him take various forms: some depicting him with the torso of a man and the body of a horse, some as a man with the wings of a falcon, and he takes many other strange and wonderful shapes. But he is always depicted as a jovial, laughing figure and is usually shown holding a bow and arrow.

13. Azrael of Flight Scorpius (Basileus: The Scorpion)

The Wastes of Blood are surrounded by pale mountains. The mountains are built of the bones of beings from the untold Worlds of Creation that the desert borders. Beyond, the barren earth of the wasteland is scarlet, silent, still, save for the red scorpions, the only things that can survive the scorching conditions, deadly scuttling rubies seeking strays from the Worlds whose bones will grow the mountain border ever higher.

14. Peniel of Flight Ursa Major (Nick: The Bear)

The snow-capped Lavendula Mountains on the world of Corycia are home to many strange legends. One tells that deep within them is concealed a cave that glitters with purple gems. In the Amethyst Cavern resides the Blind Seer. Some say he is a soothsayer, a prophet who can see the future though he is blind to the present. But it is only those scholars who have delved deep into the Divine Mysteries, who know that he is one of the great Powers of the Light and his name is Peniel.

15. Chamuel of Flight Grus (HARDART: The Crane)

Chamuel stands apart from the other Powers of Light. He sees no virtue in the endless dramas and conflicts of men and angels and devils. He devotes himself to an existence of meditation and stillness, seeking a wisdom beyond words and concepts, reaching for a way of existence that transcends the Multiverse, ascends beyond even the pure light of Heaven.

16. Jophiel of Flight Corvus (batsoupyum: The Crow)

Scholars of the Invisible College devote lifetimes of study and devotion to find their way to Solomon’s House and the wisdom that resides therein. It lies in a direction that no worldly compass can point to, on a plane of that not even the most sophisticated orrery of the Multiverse can present. Those souls who reach the required state of readiness will be visited in their soul by the Usher-Crow and will fly on black wings to their long-sought destination.

17. Zadkiel of Flight Pegasus (John Karp: The Winged Horse)

Zadkiel inhabits the mountaintops and lower atmospheres of Heaven which he traverses with his companion Pegasus, the horse with wings of starlight. Sometimes the archangel flies mounted on his steed, othertimes gliding alongside on wings of bronze and copper, his sable topknot streaming in the winds of infinity.

18. Sandalphon of Flight Serpens (Bharat Krymo: The Serpent)

Under the blessed boughs of Heaven’s Viridian Forest do the Powers of the Light find restoration and ease. It is a place of peace and beauty where the eternal music of songbirds fills the branches of every species of tree that can be found throughout the Multiverse; where the woodland animals of every world scamper among the trunks and roots; where fauns and dryads play around chuckling brooks and deep green pools.

19. Raziel of Flight Lupus (Mr.Spacely: The Wolf)

The Fera Mysterium is the knowledge of the wild that exists deep in the Wilderness of Plenilune. Only the most dedicated of acolytes may find that place, for it lies beyond even the occult dimensions of the Worlds. Seekers who achieve the Wilderness find a shadowy land of hill, forest and plain, its sky a constant indigo lit by a full moon.

20. Camael of Flight Aries (Trevor Jones: The Ram)

There are those among the Powers of the Light who view the travails of mortals as figurines on a gameboard. They study cosmic forces and move the pieces according to celestial wisdom gathered over eons, caring little for the lives of pawns.

21. Gabriel of Flight Aquila (Schmrypto: The Eagle)

The greatest mountain in the Multiverse is shining Mons Divinus. Its summit is the pinnacle of Heaven, and from this peak, seeming to grow from the glittering stone, is the silver Aquiline Tower. The dome of its central minaret is supported by tall ionic columns, and between them soar a constant traffic of eagles. The eagles serve the colossal silver-winged figure who sits enthroned in the marble chamber below the dome. Motionless, cold, and pale, alike to an immense statue: it is Gabriel.