This summer the prophecy will be fulfilled…

Artist Statement

Having studied drawing & painting and art history in a 5-year MA Fine Art programme split between Edinburgh College of Art and Edinburgh University, my art combines traditional skills and new technologies with an in depth understanding of Western art history. I aim to continue to explore and innovate by merging these classic techniques with modern tech including augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and NFTs.

My creative approach and themes intertwine the past, present, and future, often drawing inspiration from past masters spanning from the Renaissance to the 20th century. I project their worlds through a contemporary prism, illuminating themes related to cryptocurrency, innovation, technology, contemporary culture, spirituality, and politics. I push the boundaries of the painted canvas, peering beyond its surface and extending beyond the four corners of the frame. My experiments with technology have unlocked unexplored dimensions within the paintings—a newly discovered multiverse of visual, auditory, and cerebral stimuli.

Each artwork commences with the seed of an idea followed by extensive research. From there, I develop the concept and determine the most suitable physical and digital media through which to convey the message. Many of my works originate as paintings on canvas, from which animations, music, NFTs, sculptures, writing, and events emerge—each enriching the narrative and revealing new facets of the work.

We inhabit an age of wonders, where new innovations are continuously announced. The most exhilarating aspect of my art practice is the realization that I have merely scratched the surface in exploring the limitless possibilities that exist at the intersection of art and technology.

The Bitcoin Angel

Artist bio

Setting out from his homeland of Canada in 1996 with a backpack, Trevor travelled the world, eventually settling in Scotland and enrolling in Leith School of Art, followed by Edinburgh College of Art from which he graduated in 2008 with an MA (Hons) in Fine Art. Upon graduation, Trevor worked as Collection Manager and Executive Director of the charity Art in Healthcare, as well as tutoring at Leith School of Art.

It was during this time that he became fascinated by the potential of technology to interact with the traditional art practices of his training. In 2012 Trevor began to experiment with large QR codes painted in oil on canvas, which could be scanned with a smartphone, leading to a bespoke website and online art gallery hosting the artwork and contact details of hundreds of artists worldwide. The following year led to investigations into the use of augmented reality to bring paintings to life, which Trevor now focussed on full-time, having moved on from Art in Healthcare in 2015. He used this technology to explore various themes, including ownership of digital space, contemporary world politics, and celebrity. He had several high-profile people sit for portraits during this period, including Dr Jordan Peterson, writer Ian Rankin, actor Brian Cox, musician KT Tunstall, and Michelin star chef Martin Wishart.

Trevor became interested in cryptocurrency in 2017, investing in Bitcoin and Ethereum. This led to several series of paintings that explored crypto themes and depicted the prominent figures of this emerging technology, such as John McAfee, Brian Armstrong, and Vitalik Buterin.

2019 heralded the next stage in Trevor’s journey, as he discovered the rapidly-growing world of NFTs. This development unlocked a world of possibilities underpinned with extensive collaboration with other artists, and his paintings came to life like never before, incorporating spectacular music and animation. His breakout NFT was The Bitcoin Angel in February 2021, an open edition that smashed sales records, selling 4,158 editions in its seven-minute window of availability, for more than $3.2 million in total. Another record was broken by The Angel’s Share, an NFT collaboration with Metacask that was auctioned along with a rare cask of 1991 Macallan whisky for $2.3 million. There have also been several NFT collaborative projects with prominent artists, including 'Collision' with the enigmatic Pak, 'Who is the Creator' with Batman comics legend José Delbo, and 'EthBoy' with the brilliant and much-missed Alotta Money. Of note is the collaboration 'MAN VS MACHINE', in which Trevor painted four portraits of Ice Cube that, along with the help of AI tools, were transformed into animated works with tracks specially produced by Ice Cube.

This decade has also seen the establishment of the Castle Party, Trevor’s regular event designed to promote community in the world of Web3 and to raise money for cancer charity Maggie's. The first of these was held at Stirling Castle in Scotland in 2022 and the second at Château de Vallery in France the following year. These Castle Parties have been great successes, attracting hundreds of attendees from all over the world and so far, raising over $175,000 for Maggie's. The next party is currently being organised for 2025.

Trevor is now working on several exciting projects, most notably his Bitcoin Angel bronze sculpture of 21 editions and his Steampunk series, for which further releases are planned for 2024.