This summer the prophecy will be fulfilled…



And they shall come from the stars and the seas and the ways that can not be seen, one and twenty Generals shall make their entrance, and they shall lead their Legion to the final battle and all the Worlds shall tremble at their arrival.

The Prophecy of the Bitcoin Angel

On 7 June 2024 Trevor will launch an auction for the first wave of CryptoAngels: the Archangel Collection. This will be in an edition of 21 packages, released on the web3 auction house Tribul.

44d 6h 25m 2s

The first stage of the CryptoAngels project has been long in development. This will be one of Trevor’s most important releases, bringing his renowned Bitcoin Angel into the three-dimensional world and unites it with blockchain technology in ways that no one has ever done before. This will be the crypto world’s first release that combines two blockchains – Bitcoin and Ethereum – with a physical release.

The Artwork Package

Physical Bronze Sculpture

The sculptures have been designed by Trevor and cast in bronze by the workshops of Ballantynes of Walkerburn and Beltane Studios in the Scottish Borders. They depict the classic Bitcoin Angel, wings spread, armoured for battle, and holding aloft the symbol of Bitcoin. Each comes in an impressive oak display case with a cast-bronze plate with title and edition number and a bronze version of Trevor’s ensō-pixel logo set into its front.

Bronze casting, a 6,000-year-old technology and the world's second oldest, meets 21st-century innovation in the stunning 3D Archangel avatar, connected via blockchain—one of the era's most ground-breaking advancements. This union creates an exciting and harmonious blend of tradition and modernity.

Ethereum NFT

Each NFT is the image of the Archangel 3D avatar – the commanders in the armies of the Light. Additionally, the collectors will be airdropped an ERC-7160 NFT with multi-metadata functionality. This allows the one token to link to numerous metadata URI's. Very simply, each collector will receive the 7160 NFT linked to a second PFP version of their Archangel (1:1 square format), an animated version (MP4) and the GLB file (3D model). 

The Archangels have been designed by Trevor in collaboration with Apollo Entertainment. Each is named after an angel found in the scriptures and boasts a unique appearance, including armour, weapons, wings, and halo. Every Archangel appears in a background of his own unique colour and is linked to a star constellation that has been chosen to symbolize his individual character. Each commands a flight of 370 CryptoAngels from stage 2 of the project (see below), and these CryptoAngels share their commanding Archangel's constellation symbol.

Bitcoin Ordinal

The ordinal will be another depiction of the Archangel – the same one as the Ethereum NFT in each package. It will be sent to auction winners separately.

Fifty CryptoAngel Army Ordinals

From Stage 2 of the project. These fifty (50) ordinal mints are guaranteed and will enable the buyer to inscribe their own ordinals ($77 per angel) on 7th July.

A Bitcoin Angel Print

A print from an edition of 21 showing Trevor’s famous Bitcoin Angel artwork.

Dimensions: 41 x 31 cm (16 x 12 in) with 4cm (1.6 in) border

The Sculpture and Ethereum NFT Link

After purchasing the collection all artworks are the possession of the owner. In order to retain the visual connection and unique element of the collection, the two central works are linked together so they remain a unique item. If the sculpture is released from the warehouse and in your possession the NFT will be locked on the platform. If the sculpture is stored in the warehouse and not in your possession then then the NFT will be unlocked (see diagram below). By linking these items so that they can only be sold together it protects the unique nature of this piece for the future. All other artworks are independent of this connection.

See how the Archangel Collection and The Angel Army are linked in the CryptoAngelsDiagram

Additional Benefits

Two free tickets for Castle Party 2025

All 21 winning bidders in the Archangel Collection auction will receive two free tickets* for the next Castle Party, which is currently being planned for 2025. For more information and previous examples of these amazing events, view the Castle Party archive.

*Tickets are non-transferrable.

How to Participate

The auction for the Archangel Collections will be open to all on Tribul on 7 June 2024.

For information on how to participate in the second stage of the project on 7 July 2024, please see our CryptoAngels page.

Whitelist and Timeline

In appreciation of their support, holders of Trevor’s Bitcoin Angel and its Ascended versions, along with the winners of the Archangel Collection auction, are whitelisted for minting CryptoAngels. Eligibility details for NFT holders are outlined below. Additionally, a portion of the mints will be raffled among affiliated community members prior to general sale availability as part of the launch.

Date Event Times (BST) NFTs owned for whitelist Amount that can be minted Price for each
7 June 2024 Stage 01: 21 Archangel Collection auction on Tribul TBC Open to all No restriction TBC
7 July 2024 Stage 02: 7,777 CryptoAngels minted on OrdinalsBot Phase 01: TBC Archangel Collection 50 per Archangel $77
Gold Ascended Angel 20 per Gold Angel held $77
Silver Ascended Angel 10 per Silver Angel held $77
Bronze Ascended Angel 5 per Bronze Angel held $77
Bitcoin Angel 1 per Bitcoin Angel held $77
Other communities 1 per winner $77
Phase 02: TBC General sale, limited availability 1 per wallet $77