This summer the prophecy will be fulfilledโ€ฆ


EthBoy Chapter 3: THE MERGE

About Trevor Jones

Having studied drawing & painting and art history in a 5-year MA Fine Art programme split between Edinburgh College of Art and Edinburgh University, my art combines traditional skills and new technologies with an in depth understanding of Western art history. I aim to continue to explore and innovate by merging these classic techniques with modern tech including augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and NFTs.

Awesome Archangels Auction

The first stage of the groundbreaking CryptoAngels project reached an exciting climax on 12th June, with the whole edition of 21 Archangel Collections selling to bidders in Tribulโ€™s ranked auction. The excellent final hammer price was 88 ETH.

EthBoy Secondary Sale

The legendary EthBoy has been sold on the secondary market for an incredible 200 ETH.

A Brief Introduction to Ordinals

Learn about the Bitcoin blockchain's version of NFTs in this short guide about ordinals.

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Trevor's work connects the long tradition and history of painting with the world of innovation & technology including AR, cryptocurrency, social media and NFTs.