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Dive into the battle against the forces of darkness in Dante’s Pixel Inferno! Developed in collaboration with David Oxley, this exclusive CryptoAngels video game challenges you to guide your angel through the Nine Circles of Fiat Hell. Collect bitcoins and mint PFPs while combating zombie miners, frenzied traders, gaseous gobblers, rug pullers, SBF, Schiff, Charles Ponzi, and more. Each week, the highest-scoring players will earn coveted CryptoAngel whitelist spots and a physical Bitcoin Angel print signed by Trevor + free worldwide delivery. Join the fight here!

Game Overview

The game features nine levels, each representing a circle of Fiat Hell:

  1. Cryptic Limbo of Crypto Souls
  2. The Labyrinth of Fiscal Lust
  3. Byte Bistro of Gluttony
  4. Financial Frenzy of Greed
  5. Wraths Market Currents
  6. Heresy's Flame: The Financial Conflagration
  7. Fiat's Circle of Violence
  8. Scam Storm: Fraud's Bottomless Pit
  9. Frozen Assets: Treachery's Chilling Embrace

In early June, 21 Angels — one from each Archangel constellation — will be available to mint for $7 on Base for a limited time only. Collectors can play with the Angels they collect, each boasting unique abilities and weapons. Which of the 21 Archangel legions will rise to dominance? Prove your might in epic battles in the Nine Circles of Fiat Hell to claim prizes and ultimate bragging rights!


Players can choose to play with or without signing in with their Ethereum wallet. Signing in allows for high score tracking and eligibility for CryptoAngel whitelist rewards and Bitcoin Angel print giveaways.

Upon game loading, initial control instructions are provided. On desktop or laptop, use arrow keys or WASD for movement and selection, and the spacebar or mouse button for actions/shooting. On touchscreen devices, use the lower left for movement and the lower right for actions/shooting.

Start by selecting your character, each equipped with either projectile or melee weapons. In each level, run around, attack enemies to release bitcoins and more, and rack up high scores. To complete levels one and two, you must release seven souls.

Releasing Souls

First, collect PFPs found in Claw and Crane arcade machines scattered around the level. Follow the white arrow to locate these machines. Stand in front of a machine and tap the action/shoot button. Position the claw over a PFP and press the action button to try and collect it. You have three attempts before the machine warps away, but it will reappear elsewhere on the level eventually, giving you more chances to collect PFPs.

Game Characters

Each level features unique characters with distinct behaviors. We won’t spoil the surprises here—discover their traits and whether they are threats or valuable targets as you play. Build your strategy and high scores by learning about each character through gameplay.

Enjoy the adventure and may your skills lead you to victory in Dante's Pixel Inferno!