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June 2023


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"The future of the internet is here, and it's called Web3... We'll explore what that means for you and your business, as well as how blockchain technology will revolutionise how we interact with each other through the internet."


"With over 8000 attendees and 300 expert speakers, Web3 Berlin is the place to be for anyone passionate about the future of the web3. Our audience is diverse, with attendees ranging from web3 founders and big web2 brands, to developers, crypto communities, investors, and venture capitalists. By bringing together individuals from a range of backgrounds, we believe that we can foster collaboration and inspire new ideas that will shape the future of the web3."


"Proof of Talk is Web3's most prestigious summit taking place in Paris on 14th-15th June, featuring 75+ industry leaders and an audience of 90% decision makers. The two-day event focuses on restoring trust and fostering collaboration in the Web3 industry, bringing together thought leaders, CEOs, founders, investors, and regulatory authorities. Organized by X Ventures, Proof of Talk aims to pave a path for a more trustworthy and innovative future in the Web3 space."
July 2023


Bitcoin Angel Discount

30% discount for holders of Trevor Jones Bitcoin Angel or Ascended Angel NFT - use the code TREVORJ at checkout when purchasing tickets.

"NFT Show Europe is the premier European destination for web3, digital art, blockchain, and metaverse experts. This multisensory experience will captivate attendees with an array of interactive and experimental art, providing the ideal setting to foster international collaboration among all of the stakeholders."
September 2023
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