This summer the prophecy will be fulfilled…



One month after the 7 June Archangel Collection auction, the full host of Heaven: 7,777 CryptoAngels will follow on 7 July! These will be rendered in pixel art and released as Bitcoin ordinals, which can be minted at OrdinalsBot.

The 7777 Army of CryptoAngels

The CryptoAngels project is an important landmark in a journey that Trevor began more than six years ago, when he painted The Ecstasy, a play on The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa, a Renaissance sculpture by Gian Lorenzo Bernini.

In Trevor’s work, the angel and saint figures are haloed by the Bitcoin symbol, marking his first melding of the worlds of angels and crypto. The Ecstasy was adapted into Trevor’s ground-breaking open edition NFT The Bitcoin Angel, and from there the angels multiplied in diverse forms throughout his work in crypto art. Over the past few years, they have appeared in The Bitcoin Angel’s Share, The Ascended Angels, Peter Schiff Wrestling with the Angel, and The Fallen Angel. Now, in 2024, this theme will go stratospheric with CryptoAngels, an explosion of 7,777 Angels drawn from across the Multiverse to fight the powers of Darkness.

The 2021 release of the Bitcoin Angel open edition created a great community of collectors, and we are delighted to reward everyone who holds a Bitcoin Angel or Ascended Angel by adding them to the whitelist for CryptoAngels. We also welcome newcomers to the community – if you do not have one already, you can get a Bitcoin Angel at NiftyGateway, which will allow you to be added to the CryptoAngels whitelist too.

Every Member is Unique

The host of 7,777 CryptoAngels will be released as pixel-art ordinals on the Bitcoin blockchain on 7 July 2024. They will each be under the command of one of the 21 Archangels released the previous month as stage 1 of the project: The Archangel Collection. Each of the 21 flights of 370 CryptoAngels will bear a shield displaying the constellation symbol of their commanding Archangel and will also share a symbolic colour background with one of the Archangels. Additionally, each has been designed from variations in skin colour, facial features, hair, wings, weaponry, clothing, aura (coin) and accessories to make each CryptoAngel completely unique. As they have been drawn from across the dimensions of the Multiverse, there are some wild and wonderful variations! There will also be seven very special 1/1 CryptoAngels unaligned with any flight.