This summer the prophecy will be fulfilled…



Minting of Angels

The mint will be taking place on OrdinalsBot from 7th July 2024. CryptoAngel minting will take place in two stages:

Phase 1

Friday 7th July (Guaranteed mint stage)

Phase 2

General sale (FCFS) for all remaining CryptoAngels

What is an ordinal?

Ordinals are essentially unique digital artifacts (such as art) inscribed directly onto individual units of bitcoin called satoshis (sats) on the Bitcoin blockchain. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you purchase your first Bitcoin ordinal:

1. Set up a Bitcoin wallet

To interact with Bitcoin ordinals, you'll need a Bitcoin wallet that supports the specific features necessary to view and manage ordinals. Wallets such as Xverse, Magic Eden and UniSat are very popular among ordinal collectors.

Steps to set up a wallet:

• Download a compatible wallet.

• Follow the setup instructions for the new wallet.

• Securely store your wallet's recovery phrase.

2. Buy bitcoin

You will need some bitcoin to purchase an ordinal, as they are transacted on the Bitcoin network.

Steps to buy bitcoin:

• Use a cryptocurrency exchange such as Coinbase, Binance, or Kraken.

• Register and verify your account following the exchange’s guidelines.

• Purchase Bitcoin using your preferred payment method.

3. Transfer bitcoin to your wallet

Once you’ve purchased bitcoin, transfer it to your ordinal-compatible wallet. This involves sending the bitcoin from the exchange to the wallet’s address.

Steps to transfer bitcoin:

• Locate the "Receive" option in your wallet to get your Bitcoin address (not your ordinal address!).

• Copy the address and go to the withdrawal section on the exchange.

• Paste your wallet address and specify the amount to transfer.

4. Make the purchase

When you’re ready to buy, the platform will provide instructions to complete the transaction. This usually involves sending a specific amount of bitcoin to a given address to purchase the ordinal.

Steps to purchase:

• Confirm the total cost, including any transaction fees.

• Follow the platform’s instructions to send the correct amount of bitcoin from your wallet.

• Wait for confirmation of the transaction on the blockchain.

5. Confirm ownership

After purchasing, you can confirm that the ordinal has been inscribed to your satoshi by checking your wallet or using a blockchain explorer.

6. Manage your ordinal

Keep your wallet secure and back up your wallet data regularly. Consider how you will display or use your ordinal. Some people collect them purely as digital art, while others might consider them as digital assets for investment.

By following these steps, you can successfully purchase and manage a Bitcoin ordinal. Always stay updated with the latest tools and practices within the community to safely and efficiently manage your digital assets.

More Information

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