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Trevor’s Biography

Setting out from his homeland of Canada in 1996 with a backpack, Trevor travelled the world, eventually settling in Scotland and enrolling in Leith School of Art, followed by Edinburgh College of Art from which he graduated in 2008 with an MA (Hons) in Fine Art.

Always fascinated by the potential of technology to interact with the traditional art practices of his training, Trevor became interested in cryptocurrency in 2017. This led to several series of paintings that explored crypto themes and depicted the prominent figures of this emerging technology, such as John McAfee, Brian Armstrong, and Vitalik Buterin.

In 2019 Trevor discovered the rapidly-growing world of NFTs. This development unlocked a world of possibilities, and his paintings came to life like never before, incorporating spectacular music and animation. His breakout NFT was The Bitcoin Angel in February 2021, an open edition that smashed sales records. There have also been several NFT collaborative projects with prominent artists, including Collision with the enigmatic Pak, Who is the Creator with Batman comics legend José Delbo, and EthBoy with the brilliant and much-missed Alotta Money. Of note is the collaboration MAN VS MACHINE, in which Trevor painted four portraits of rapper Ice Cube that, were transformed into animated works with tracks specially produced by Ice Cube.

This decade has also seen the establishment of the Castle Party, Trevor’s regular event designed to promote community in the world of Web3 and to raise money for cancer charity Maggie's. The first of these was held at Stirling Castle in Scotland in 2022 and the second at Château de Vallery in France the following year. These Castle Parties have attracted hundreds of attendees from all over the world and (so far) have raised over $175,000 for Maggie's. The next party is currently being organised for 2025.

Trevor is currently working on several exciting art projects, of which CryptoAngels is just one. Sign up to the newsletter to keep up-to-date on future releases.

Career Highlights


Graduated from The University of Edinburgh and Edinburgh College of Art.


QR code paintings – first experiments in combining technology with painting.


AR paintings – One of the first professional painters in the world to explore this exciting technology.


Invited to exhibit augmented reality paintings at the Scottish Parliament. June 2017 first purchase of Bitcoin.


Release of Trevor’s first crypto-themed collection Crypto Disruption, which includes The Ecstasy, the original painting that would become the Bitcoin Angel NFT.


Release of genesis NFT Ethereum Girl, in collaboration with Alotta Money, which made the highest ever sale of an NFT at that time.


Release of Crypto Cubism collection, which includes renowned artworks Bitcoin Bull and EthBoy, both of which broke records for NFT sales at that time.


Record breaking release of The Bitcoin Angel NFT open edition, which sold 4,158 editions in its seven-minute window of availability, for more than $3.2 million in total.

Release of The Angel’s Share NFT and cask of 1991 Macallan’s whisky, which shattered the previous world record for most expensive cask, selling for $2.3 million.

Release of the MAN VS MACHINE collection, a collaboration with Ice Cube, raising $1.7 million.


The inaugural Castle Party at Stirling Castle, Scotland.

Establishment of Art Angels, Trevor’s initiative to promote emerging artists in the NFT scene.


The second Castle Party at Château de Vallery, France, which raised a record-breaking $140,000 for cancer support charity Maggie's.


Release of the Archangel Collection and CryptoAngels.