This summer the prophecy will be fulfilled…



And they shall come from the stars and the seas and the ways that can not be seen, one and twenty Generals shall make their entrance, and they shall lead their Legion to the final battle and all the Worlds shall tremble at their arrival.

The Prophecy of the Bitcoin Angel

One month after the Archangel Collection auction, on 7th July will follow the full host of Heaven: 7,777 CryptoAngels! These will be rendered in pixel art and released as Bitcoin ordinals, which can be minted at OrdinalsBot.

42d 22h 5m 57s

The Artwork

The Ordinals Army

The CryptoAngels have been divided into cohorts of 370 called ‘flights’, each flight aligned to one of the Archangels from stage 1. The Angels of each flight will share a spiritual significance and bear a shield displaying the constellation symbol of their commanding Archangel. Additionally, each has been designed from many variations in skin colour, facial features, hair, wings, weaponry, clothing, and accessories to make each CryptoAngel completely unique. There will also be seven very special 1/1 CryptoAngels unaligned with any flight.

See how the Archangel Collection and The CryptoAngels are linked in the CryptoAngelsDiagram

Additional Benefits

Castle Party Whitelist

All holders of CryptoAngels will be among the first to have the opportunity to purchase tickets for future trevorjonesart Castle Parties. The next party is currently being planned for 2025.

How to Participate

All CryptoAngels can be minted on OrdinalsBot.

Auction winners for the 21 Archangel Collections will be able to mint 50 CryptoAngels. In addition to this, holders of Trevor’s Bitcoin Angel open edition or Ascended Angel NFTs will be on the whitelist to purchase the CryptoAngels when they become available to mint on 7 July 2024. In addition to existing holders there will be whitelist opportunities for many other Bitcoin and Ethereum communities. Join the Discord community to find out more and secure a spot for you and your community.

Any remaining CryptoAngels after allocations and whitelist sales will go on general sale.

Whitelist and Timeline

In appreciation of their support, holders of Trevor’s Bitcoin Angel and its Ascended versions, along with the winners of the Archangel Collection auction, are whitelisted* for minting CryptoAngels. Eligibility details for NFT holders are outlined below. Additionally, a portion of the mints will be raffled among affiliated community members prior to general sale availability as part of the launch.

Date Event Times (BST) NFTs owned for whitelist Amount that can be minted Price for each
7 June 2024 Stage 01: 21 Archangel Collection auction on Tribul TBC Open to all No restriction TBC
7 July 2024 Stage 02: 7,777 CryptoAngels minted on OrdinalsBot Phase 01: TBC Archangel Collection 50 per Archangel $77
Gold Ascended Angel 20 per Gold Angel held $77
Silver Ascended Angel 10 per Silver Angel held $77
Bronze Ascended Angel 5 per Bronze Angel held $77
Bitcoin Angel 1 per Bitcoin Angel held $77
Other communities 1 per winner $77
Phase 02: TBC General sale, limited availability 1 per wallet $77

*inscription fees not included