This summer the prophecy will be fulfilled…

Chapter 4: TRANSCEND (I’ll Spread My Wings)

The Story So Far

Beginning as a painting paying tribute to Picasso’s ‘Paul Dressed as Harlequin’, Trevor Jones’s ‘Ethereum Boy’ recast Vitalik Buterin, founder of the Ethereum network, in the role of harlequin. Then, in collaboration with the legendary NFT artist Alotta Money, Trevor’s creation came to life like Pinocchio in the programmatic work ‘EthBoy’. EthBoy is an elusive, questing figure, daily navigating the ever-fluctuating fortunes of the crypto world. Some days he’s soaring through the heavens, others plunging to the stygian depths.

EthBoy began his five-year journey in the first half of 2021, and the visual document of his changing fortunes are being released across ten chapters, each chapter covering six months between 31 January (Vitalik’s birthday) and 30 July (the launch anniversary of the Ethereum network). His ascensions and falls are generated from original code captured daily and documented in animation, along with numerous easter eggs that comment on crypto and NFT related events. Guest music artists are invited to accompany each chapter, adding their own perspectives and talents to EthBoy’s odyssey. So far, EthBoy has been supported on his travels by guest artists Don Diablo, Bassjackers, Good Charlotte and now the legendary, multi award winning DJ Sasha.

You can read more detail about the beginning of EthBoy’s journey at the drop page here.

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And now, on with the story…

TRANSCEND (I’ll Spread My Wings)

In TRANSCEND (I’ll Spread My Wings) EthBoy sets out once more on his long trek through the blizzards of the seemingly endless crypto winter, as the growls of bears dog his every weary step. His alarm at an approaching tornado changes to a feeling of unease – the vortex appears to have been constrained, but the power that shackled it may not be of the forces of light. But a heavenly vision of firebursts and falling diamonds fills EthBoy with fresh strength; it bespeaks past and future, memories and hopes, unity and purpose.

EthBoy’s now firmer steps take him to new territories, where he bears witness to many strange and terrible things. He sees a family of gentle creative beings preyed upon by a swarm of devouring automata, while hooded figures lurk in the shadows, obviously intent on some shady business. Unexpectedly, the man among the flock of bluebirds passes by once more, though now man and birds are tweeting in harmony.

The atmospheric disturbances grow more severe, with suns falling from the sky and spells of great darkness. The sea levels rise and submerge EthBoy, after which he emerges into the worst storm of his lifetime. While mighty titans falter and fall, EthBoy presses on resolutely. As he nears the end of this stage of his journey, his heart lifts. He has survived the worst that the base world can throw at him and has transcended to a new plateau. Wings extend from EthBoy’s back and he is filled with the knowledge and conversation of his holy guardian angel. EthBoy spreads his wings and soars.

On this difficult stage of his journey, EthBoy was given great support by Sasha, who provided an inspiring soundtrack, helping EthBoy to spread his wings.

Collector Revenue Share

The winner of Chapter 4 will share in the profits on the six successive chapters of EthBoy in the form of revenue shares, as follows:

Chapter 5: 7.50%

Chapter 6: 6%

Chapter 7: 5%

Chapter 8: 5.71%

Chapter 9: 5%

Chapter 10: 4.44%

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