EthBoy Feat. Allota Money

Artwork drop
Friday, 20 November 2020

  1. The Painting
  2. The Async Art Project
  3. Vitalik’s Adventure (Short Story)
  4. Auction Details
  5. Profit Share

The Painting

The Async Project

The painting was created as the starting point for an Async Art programmable art project in collaboration with the creative genius, Money_Alotta. My very first NFT, almost one year ago, was a collaboration with Alotta on our EthGirl piece, which at that time broke all records on SuperRare. Timing is everything and dropping EthBoy on Async in this format a year later seemed to fit perfectly. 

I was excited about the concept of this painting changing daily in response to external variables out of ours or anyone else’s control. The fact that the price of Ethereum has rocketed over 4x in the last year along with occasionally eye watering Eth gas fees instigating uproar, discussion and debate and inspiring new cryptoart all contributed to the decision to create this piece on AsyncArt at this time.

So what does this mean? Very simply, as the months and years progress EthBoy on Async will become an artistic, visual representation of Ethereum relating to factors including price fluctuations, gas fees, an accessory layer connected to one of Vitalik’s wallet address, and even annual changes triggered by Vitalik’s birthday and the initial release of the Ethereum system. Finally, we included some BTC butterflies that flutter up or down to the price of Bitcoin as an added aesthetic touch.

Programmable Accessories

This accessories layer (token) is not meant for sale and has been sent to Vitalik the creator of Ethereum. The owner of this layer can choose between several accessories to adorn EthBoy with.

Demo of the daily artwork changes
Short demo of the future 10 NFT animations 

Vitalik’s Adventure

From our very conception each and every human being engages in the journey of life and regardless of race colour or creed we all travel with a lack of foresight of what each day will bring. We may find ourselves questioning that which governs our instincts and motivations and that which pushes us eternally forward to our undeclared final destination. 

Is an individual’s destiny preordained by external forces beyond our comprehension steering our course regardless of any efforts we make or are we indeed simply at the mercy of serendipity and random chance that equally disregards our self-determination?  When we choose to place our faith in fate or chance, we accept the roles they play in establishing the adventure but how much of a role does either truly play in the shaping of our lives?

Vitalik, young and full of future, is on his own journey playing the game of life with no knowledge of where his adventure will take him.  His talents and abilities may not allow him to truly steer his reality as he finds his successes and failures through the years dictated by events and happenstances beyond his influence. Subjected to the whims of fortune or the overlords of predestination such external unknowns may well drive him to despair and madness with the realisation that regardless of his own efforts he has little agency over his own life. 

Vitalik’s reality may well find him constantly overseen by those who would seek only to profit from his endeavours and absorb his abilities for their own agenda, clandestine oppressive entities from the very depths of our darkest smouldering hells watching his every move and ready to cast him into the fire should he digress from their plotting.

Alternatively, he could be considered favourably by the deities of technology, benevolent and paternal forces that will reward Vitalik’s journey through life and his adherence to their designs and machinations.  Ascending into colours beyond imagination Vitalik would find himself in the decentralized dreamscape of absolute bliss, with earthly environments filling the horizon with their spectral beauty, creatures of legend running free and wild through the rainbows, rocket ships of childhood desires flying to the moon and on every tree, an abundant blossom of Ethereum. 

Auction Details

This artwork is a 1/1. The programmable layers changing the daily appearance of the artwork are intrinsically connected to the master layer; therefore, it is a fully integrated, unique work of art and will be auctioned as such. 

Revenue Share

Following young Vitalik on his adventure as he experiences life’s highs and lows and watching how he responds to the situations is the entertaining part of this innovative work of art. To visit the Async Art website to view the master layer with each daily change is wonderful but to be able to experience Vitalik’s journey in a much more visually powerful way through animation is truly magical! Therefore, we decided to capture the Async changes every day throughout the year and present them in video format for everyone to enjoy.

These mini-animations will drop as NFTs twice every 12 months for five years, 10 NFTs in total. Each animation will consist of approximately 182 days of changes taking place between July 30th, the anniversary of the Ethereum system release and Vitalik’s birthday, January 31st. The auctions will take place on OpenSea with the first drop occurring on or close to July 30th, 2021.

The profit on the sale of each work will be divided equally between the artists involved and the owner of the EthBoy NFT. This is an exciting opportunity for the winner of the Async Art auction to share in the adventures of young Vitalik in a unique way while also giving them an opportunity, if they so choose, to work over the next 5 years with the two artists who have created this innovative piece to help ensure subsequent drops are successful. Note: if EthBoy is sold within 5 years, future profit sharing will be transferred to the new owner. 

We look forward to seeing who will be taking EthBoy home and sharing this journey with us! 

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