This summer the prophecy will be fulfilled…

Awesome Archangels Auction

The first stage of the groundbreaking CryptoAngels project reached an exciting climax on 12th June, with the whole edition of 21 Archangel Collections selling to bidders in Tribul’s ranked auction. The excellent final hammer price was 88 ETH.

The Archangel Collection includes a spectacular physical bronze sculpture weighing 6.6 kg!

Buyers of the collections will soon receive a multidimensional medley of artwork, combining physical and digital, Bitcoin and Ethereum, visual art and storytelling. The centrepiece of each collection is a magnificent sculpted bronze angel holding aloft a Bitcoin. Linked to each sculpture is an NFT depicting a 3D rendering of one of the 21 Archangels of Heaven. Auction-winners will also receive an associated Bitcoin ordinal, a Bitcoin Angel print, two VIP tickets for Castle Party 2025, and 50 whitelist spots for the second stage of the CryptoAngels project (see below). To read more about the Archangel Collection, see our website here.

Each Archangel Collection incorporates a Bitcoin ordinal of its Archangel rendered in pixel art – this one shows Azreal the Archangel of Death.

The great collector Moderats placed the auction’s highest bid at 6.49 ETH. This allowed him first choice of Archangels, and he selected the High King Michael, First of the Archangels. The rest of the star bidders are now selecting their characters, and we give hearty thanks to all of them – the 21 Archangels are all in good hands.

The NFT showing Michael the High King of the Archangels, which was claimed by Moderats. The Archangel NFTs are tethered to the bronze sculptures by auction house Tribul’s innovative system.

And that was just the first stage – the second will land this summer, when collectors will be dazzled by a full host of 7,777 CryptoAngel ordinals. These will be arranged into 21 ‘flights’ of 370 angels, each flight under the command of one of the Archangels from the previous stage (there will also be seven special unaffiliated CryptoAngels).

Just a few examples of the CryptoAngels that will be released on 8th August. Each of the 7,777 characters will be unique.

As mentioned above, each of the Archangel auction-winners will receive the chance to mint 50 of these ordinals. Further mints can be made by holders of the classic Bitcoin Angel open edition, holders of the Ascended Bitcoin Angel, and the recipients of whitelist spots, which will be awarded in contests and through affiliation with our partnered communities. For more information on the CryptoAngels release see here and join our Discord community for news on how to secure whitelist spots.

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