Since early 2021 Trevor and Alotta Money’s dynamic artwork EthBoy has been following the ups and downs of Ethereum, Bitcoin, and gas fees, observing the major shifts in the crypto landscape. The crypto platform Async Art has played a grand host to the cosmic harlequin, faithfully recording his adventures as he has risen and fallen on the winds of fate. In the development and implementation of its concept of blending blockchain data with digital art, Async Art has helped create some truly pioneering work.

Sadly, Async Art has decided to wind up its operations – we thank them for their vision and their vital contribution to EthBoy, and we wish them all the best. But what now for EthBoy? Fear not – he’ll continue to boldly go where no boy has gone before. Only now he’ll be exploring the weird dimensions of crypto from the comfort of this very website! You can find our dedicated EthBoy page here, where he will update daily, flying up to the sky and sinking down to (or even down below) the ground, mirroring the ever-changing fortunes of Ethereum. Also, watch out for his suit changing colour with the gas fees, and keep an eye on that Bitcoin butterfly that flits around him.

EthBoy by Trevor Jones and Alotta Money
EthBoy today (updates daily)

Thank you to David Oxley of Numeriq and Conlan Rios of Async Art for managing the smooth transition of EthBoy to his new home.

You can find more information about EthBoy here, and look out for new chapters in his journey appearing later this year.

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