This summer the prophecy will be fulfilled…

EthBoy Secondary Sale

The legendary EthBoy has been sold on the secondary market for an incredible 200 ETH! EthBoy is a currently-ongoing project created by Trevor Jones and the late Alotta Money. The animated artwork depicts the harlequinesque figure of Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin as he rises and falls through a vivid expressionist world, his movements controlled by the shifting fortunes of ether, bitcoin, and gas fees. You can read more details about EthBoy here.

The recent purchaser was crypto venture capital firm 1confirmation, who bought the artwork on the platform OpenSea from original buyer MaxStealth. The 200 ETH exchange (equivalent to $392,308 at the time of sale) surpasses the value of the original sale in November 2020, which at the time was record-breaking for an NFT artwork. Although royalties for secondary sales have become optional on OpenSea, 1confirmation honoured the 10% creator royalty that had been established when EthBoy was first launched. This royalty was shared with MaxStealth, as agreed during the original sale.

Since its initial launch, further chapters of EthBoy have been released – you can see them all here – each one documenting a six-month period in the crypto world. The most recent was Chapter 4: TRANSCEND (I’ll Spread My Wings), which had a musical backing by DJ Sasha. Chapter 5 has been delayed, but both it and Chapter 6 are expected to be revealed in April 2024.

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