Would I Lie to You: the Art of Politics and Propaganda

Propaganda is being delivered so effectively by governments worldwide that their goal for the attainment of even more wealth and position seems assured while responsible and accountable behaviour appears immaterial. In response to the mass confusion created by those in power through media channels, and consequently to the helplessness we often feel due to excessive and conflicting information, in 2016 I exhibited a series of ten augmented reality oil paintings of world leaders and media ‘influencers’ created from rubbish found on the streets of Edinburgh. This exhibition coincided with the November 2016 US presidential election. Each artwork can be scanned with the Artivive app to trigger the AR experience portraying a very different narrative to that which the ‘sitters’ perpetuate.

Demo videos of the augmented reality portrait paintings: Tony Blair and David Cameron


Out of the Blue, Drill Hall
​November 2016

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