This summer the prophecy will be fulfilled…

The Zen Series

The Zen Series: four physical paintings with NFT digital animation counterparts, each one is 3 breaths and exactly 33 seconds in duration. This series was a curated drop by 33NFT on Niftygateway 3 March 2024.

Why an Ensō?

In the often turbulent and frenzied landscape of NFTs and Twitter (X), our primary means of communication within our digital art world, the relentless stream of information, innovation and ‘firsts’, underpinned by debates and arguments can create a highly stressful environment. The constant exposure to conflicting opinions, volatile market fluctuations, and rapidly changing trends can easily fuel anxiety and agitation. I know this all too well. The incessant digital noise adds to the stress, which silently sneaks up on us, often impacting our mental and physical well-being.

I know from personal experience after years in this space how important it is to prioritise one’s health. However, I also know how easy it is to forget all of this and ignore the warning signs, quickly getting caught up again and again in the Web3 tsunami – at our own peril.

To celebrate the highs and lows of this tumultuous Web3 world that we’ve all stumbled into but also to raise awareness of the importance of taking time to reflect, I’ve produced this new series, ‘Ensō’. Drawing inspiration from the ensō, a symbol of completeness and enlightenment in Zen Buddhism, I’ve painted four ensō-like motifs over frenzied and expressive abstract backdrops. These paintings serve as a visual metaphor, portraying calmness and wholeness amidst the complexities and unpredictability of human life.

The NFT animations, digitally forged from the paintings, serve as dynamic counterparts to the serene Zen Buddhist ensō over the chaotic backgrounds. Through movement and bespoke music tracks that include my own recorded breaths*, the animations fuel the juxtaposition between meditation and disruption. This contrast between the peaceful serenity of the ensō and the frenetic energy of its surroundings underscores the duality of existence – the constant interplay between order and chaos.

The original 80 x 80 cm paintings and the NFTs combine and embody the Zen principle of finding peace amidst life’s pandemonium, and suggest to the viewer that true tranquillity and understanding come not from the absence of disorder, but from discovering harmony within it. Welcome to Web3 my fellow degens. LFG! but also, remember to focus and breathe. *Note: When painting a traditional enso, it’s crucial to meditate and focus on breathing to stay centered and in the ‘flow’. This act helps to maintain a sense of calm and connection to the deeper meaning behind the process and the artwork.

In the depths of shadow and hue, Solace emerges, a testament to the quiet strength found within. The dark and sombre tones beckon weary souls to find respite. This meditative artwork guides seekers on a journey inward, where the turbulent currents of digital discourse give way to the tranquil depths of inner peace. Listen and breathe.
Rooted in the earth’s embrace, the artwork unfolds, a sanctuary amidst the storm. Its warm tones provide refuge for restless hearts, offering relief from the relentless pace. Within this sanctuary, chaos fades into a gentle embrace.
In the soft glow of dawn’s first light, stillness awakens, a fleeting moment suspended in time. Its ethereal tones invite seekers to embrace the beauty of impermanence and the serenity found within. The journey becomes a meditation on the delicate balance between movement and calm, reminding viewers of the quiet power found in simply being.
Enveloped by the golden hues of dawn, Serenity is a guiding light amid the commotion. Its lively colours, reminiscent of the dawn’s palette, stir the spirit with hope and potential. The painting is a celebration of life’s inherent beauty, a reminder that even in the darkest of times, there is always light to be found.

And a huge thank you to the incredible artist and human Stephan Duquesnoy who helped me bring my creative vision to life digitally. 

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