This summer the prophecy will be fulfilled…

The Poem of Ecstasy

A selection of my paintings inspired by ‘The Poem of Ecstasy’, the music of Alexander Scriabin.

Although the Poem of Ecstasy is often considered to be influenced by Scriabin’s synaesthesia, a condition wherein one experiences stimulus in one sense in response to real stimulus in another sense, it is most likely Alexander Scriabin did not actually experience the physiological condition of synaesthesia. His colour system, unlike most synaesthetic experience, lines up with the circle of fifths, indicating that it was a thought-out system influenced by his theosophic readings and based on Sir Isaac Newton’s Optics.

‘The Poem of Ecstasy’ was on show at the Leith Gallery and the work was a continuation of my exploration into synaesthesia. My fascination with this sensory condition began with my exhibition (below) Synaesthesia, which took place in the Union Gallery in Edinburgh in 2010. 

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