Your Home Boys Hate You: 1 of 1
1 min 19 seconds

Intimidating and confrontational ‘Your Home Boys Hate You’ speaks of perseverance and self-preservation in a hostile environment. AI tech has been used to inspire a portrait that has become the sum of its experience. AK-47s have been integrated to form the formidable image of Ice Cube.

The artwork is inspired by Cube’s 1990 album cover AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted with an army of young, inner-city men standing behind what is an even more aggressive and now weaponized Ice Cube. The NFT animation has infused life into the young men, who appear agitated, perhaps waiting impatiently in anticipation of Cube’s next words. A sense of combative defiance pervade and there’s an overwhelming sense of frustration from an environment that offers little choice other than to fight back.

Painting: oil and wax on print and canvas.

Your Home Boys Hate You: Gold Edition of 3
1 minute 17 seconds

‘I underrate you, then annihilate you, then the fuckin’ therapist said I had a breakthrough’

Aggressive and combative lyrics underpin the unsettling focus of the animation putting the viewer in the crosshairs of the army of young men. The portrait of Ice Cube is constructed from AK-47 rifles transforming the man into a weapon which in turn transforms his words into his ammunition.

Your Home Boys Hate You: Silver Edition of 10
​33 seconds

‘You pretty young thing, it’s about to get ugly’

With its silent implacable assembly shifting with tension and anticipation there is a sense of impending physical confrontation. How will this end?

Your Home Boys Hate You: Bronze Edition of 25
22 seconds

‘This is what I live for, this is called survival, all my rivals are dead on arrival’

A lifetime of injustice is distilled into a single expression of impending reckoning, the consequences of an environment that offers little choice but to rise up and meet injustice head-on. 

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