Chapter 2: IMMORTAL


EthBoy continues to soar to the Moon in IMMORTAL, his phantasmagorical flight buoyed by the spirits of his first two collectors, Bharat Krymo and MaxStealth. The Mercurial Musk makes another appearance in Chapter 2 with his trusty companions Doge and Shiba. A group of shadowy hackers cause some alarm, but these turn out to be more mischievous than cruel. The Book of Faces metamorphoses, a punk finds love, and three apes are encountered, who may give a subtle clue to future developments in EthBoy’s journey. 

Electronic duo Bassjackers are the sonic collaborators for this stage of EthBoy’s journey, bringing an appropriately soaring and cosmic soundtrack to accompany EthBoy’s lunar adventure. 

This chapter of EthBoy’s progress ends on a poignant note, as he pauses his journey to remember and pay tribute to Alotta Money, AKA Philippe, who passed away in March 2022. The co-creator of EthBoy has departed our volatile and tempestuous world to go on his own journey past the Moon and beyond the stars. One of the original pioneers of the NFT scene, Philippe leaves us with an incredible body of work and has helped many artists and collectors begin their own creative journeys. His legacy lives on, his spirit IMMORTAL. 

Collector Revenue Share

The winner of Chapter 2 will share in the profits on the eight successive chapters of EthBoy in the form of revenue shares, as follows:

Chapter 3: 10%

Chapter 4: 6.67%

Chapter 5: 7.50%

Chapter 6: 6%

Chapter 7: 5%

Chapter 8: 5.71%

Chapter 9: 5%

Chapter 10: 4.44%

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