This summer the prophecy will be fulfilled…

Chapter 1: ΞTHΞRΞAL


The beginning of EthBoy’s adventure takes him to the stratosphere and beyond. In the course of his flight he is assailed by fleeting visions, some benign some threatening, which influence him for good or ill. Look out for glimpses of these apparitions, including Elon Musk, John McAfee, CryptoPunks and CryptoKitties. A guest collaborator joins Trevor and Alotta in the shape of musician, DJ and record producer Don Diablo. Don provides a suitably rippling and otherworldly melody to ΞTHΞRΞAL.

ΞTHΞRΞAL was auctioned on the Origin NFT Launchpad in August 2021 and was won by Bharat Krymo. In addition to the 1/1 NFT, the winner also received a physical 1/1 ΞTHΞRΞAL painting and a physical print (limited to ten editions) of the original Ethereum Boy painting. These both have augmented reality layers that can be accessed with the Artivive app and include animation and music by Alotta Money and Don Diablo respectively.

Additionally, the winner Bharat Krymo will share in the profits on all nine successive chapters of EthBoy in the form of revenue shares, as follows:

Chapter 2: 20%

Chapter 3: 10%

Chapter 4: 6.67%

Chapter 5: 7.50%

Chapter 6: 6%

Chapter 7: 5%

Chapter 8: 5.71%

Chapter 9: 5%

Chapter 10: 4.44%

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