This summer the prophecy will be fulfilled…

AR in the Garden

Moving on from my 2013 AR animation paintings I decided to experiment with video the following year and chose the Edinburgh Botanic Garden as my inspiration. I thought this would provide an interesting platform to covertly embed layers of meaning into what appears, at first, to be quite traditional paintings.

It developed into a series of botanic garden AR paintings with a twist. I collaborated with a film maker to produce short videos filmed in the Edinburgh Botanic Garden with a dark and somewhat sinister feel to them. I was intrigued by the possibility of turning seemingly aesthetically pleasing botanic paintings into something very different once one scans the artwork. Until the painting is digitally engaged the alternate reality will be hidden somewhere ‘inside’ the painting. However, after the video is relayed through the artwork, even when the physical painting is seen at a later date the viewer will still be, on some level, consciously aware of the secondary, more sinister story line – a complete emotional contradiction to what one would expect from a colourful, garden painting.

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