Bitcoin Bull

  1. The Artwork and NFT
  2. The Art Historian
  3. The Jazz Musician
  4. Edinburgh University Exhibition 

“With ingenuity and wit Jones has re-worked his own take on this metaphorical mode of visual communication in his fascinating Bitcoin Bull. Playing with Picasso’s eponymous bull image, his trademark fragmented still life and his famous use of collaged pieces of newspaper in the form of ‘journ” (“jou” in French means play, or game), Jones has turned his own pictorial iconography into an intriguing and entertaining puzzle of visual metaphor and puns.”

Bill Hare
Oil, wax, sand & bitcoin whitepaper on canvas, 140 x 140 cm

The Artwork and NFT

Picasso was a creative genius and undeniably one of the 20th century’s greatest innovators. My current body of work has been inspired by both Picasso’s innovative masterpieces, his cubist period in particular, and the fast paced blockchain and cryptocurrency sector. The Bitcoin Bull will be the largest work in this exhibition at 140 x 140 cm and created with oil, wax, sand and bitcoin white paper on canvas. The painting can be scanned with the AR app CreativMuse as well as the Artivive app to engage the digital features and animation.

Nifty Gateway Drop



The Art Historian

Distinguished art historian and curator, Bill Hare, has written an essay on the Bitcoin Bull. Read the essay here.

Bill is a lecturer and Honorary Fellow in Scottish Art History at the University of Edinburgh and the author of Scottish Artists in an Age of Radical Change, Contemporary Painting in Scotland, Divided Selves, Facing the Nation and more. His books have been a staple of every Scottish art history major over the last three decades.

The Jazz Musician

Award winning jazz guitarist, Graeme Stephen, has produced the music track for the Bitcoin Bull animation.

“Stephen’s peerless improvisational skills and talent for composition make him one of Scotland’s most exciting and prodigious musical talents.”

Rob Adams, The Herald

Edinburgh University Exhibition

The world class Bayes Centre in Edinburgh University was to be the location for my Crypto Cubism exhibition.

The Bayes Centre is the University’s innovation hub for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. There is a community of over four hundred internationally recognised scientists, PhD students, leading industry experts and innovation support professionals, working together across disciplines and sectors to advance data technology and apply it to real-world problems.

Along with AI and blockchain technology the building houses the Edinburgh Centre for Robotics and, importantly, Valkyrie, one of only three Nasa-built robots and the only one outside the US. 

Unfortunately due to Covid the exhibition at the university was cancelled.  😟

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