VentureBeat (2017)​

Want to break into the AR or VR industry? Here’s how

Everyone gets excited when a new technological frontier takes off. However, with rapid growth comes uncertainty. When the landscape is shifting dramatically, it can be difficult to identify a reliable plan for building a career in the emerging industry. I’ve interviewed four industry experts who have shared their top tips for starting a career in the emerging augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) industry.

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The Scotsman (2016)​

Leith artist turns rubbish into portraits of politicians 

An artist is turning rubbish he finds on the streets of Edinburgh into portraits of politicians such as Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, David Cameron and Tony Blair – which are then brought to life with the help of new technology.

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Company Connecting (2015)​

Augmented Reality: the perfect tool for artists

“We spoke with Trevor Jones, an artist and director of Creativtek to get his views of AR and art. Creativtek has developed the Creativmuse platform which enables artists to add AR to their artwork. Trevor believes that art is about communicating ideas and that AR is a perfect tool for artists.”

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The University of Edinburgh

Graduate Profile

Programme: Fine Art -MA (Hons)

Trevor Jones graduated in 2008 from the Fine Art -MA (Hons) programme and is the co-founder of CreativMuse, an augmented reality platform.

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STV Scotland (2015)
A three minute film about the #EdinburghHacked exhibition

The Scotsman (2015)​

Artist turns English banknotes into Scottish money

Edinburgh-based artist Trevor Jones lampoons the uncomfortable ordeal of using Scottish banknotes in England in a new exhibition of art and technology

Handing over a Scottish banknote to a cashier south of the Border can be a fraught experience.

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The Herald (2015)​

Artist ‘hijacks’ images in National Gallery of Scotland to show off his own work in augmented reality project

An artist has “hijacked” images in the National Gallery of Scotland to show his own work in a high-tech augmented reality project.

Edinburgh-based Trevor Jones has set up an app that allows people to see his paintings in place of Old Masters in the National Gallery when viewed through a phone or tablet.

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Artmag Magazine (2015)

Cover of the Mar/Apr 2015 issue

The UK’s first augmented reality art magazine cover with an article about my work at the link. 

​Scan the magazine cover with the AR app CreativMuse to see how I created the painting from blank canvas to complete or watch the YouTube video. 

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