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Upcoming Drop at Mexico City Exhibition

In celebration of the 10-year anniversary this year of my Botanic Garden AR painting series, an auction is set to take place, showcasing the fusion of art and technology that I first delved into over a decade ago.

My journey into the realm of augmented reality began at the tail end of 2012 and the following year, I created my inaugural AR-enhanced paintings. The Botanic Garden series, a collection begun in 2014, stands as a testament to this early exploration and my continued fascination with AR, morphing technology and film making. Of this historic series, only two paintings remain in my personal collection: “Exhale” and “Metamorphosis”.

Click the painting images below to visit the Manifold auction pages

Google Maps Mexico City exhibition location – Aquí y Ahora

Exhale – 50 cm x 90 cm (1 ft 7 ins x 2 ft 11 ins)
Metamorphosis – 50 cm x 90 cm (1 ft 7 ins x 2 ft 11 ins)

These pioneering AR artworks, now a full decade since creation, marked my initial foray into combining my art with film through augmented reality. The series was inspired by botanic garden themes, but with an unconventional twist. In collaboration with a filmmaker friend, I produced short films set against the backdrop of the Edinburgh Botanic Garden. These films, imbued with a surreal and occasionally sinister aura, created a captivating dichotomy. This contrast was compelling, as it transformed the aesthetic appeal of traditional ‘pretty’ botanic paintings into something unexpectedly different once the artworks were scanned with the AR app. Scan the images above with Artivive to engage the digital content.

I’ve been invited to exhibit at an art show Aquí y Ahora in Mexico City February 6th. For this event, I’ve chosen to showcase “Exhale” and “Metamorphosis“. Additionally, I will be minting these two early AR pioneering works as unique 1/1 NFTs. A reserve of 4 eth is set for each 1/1 NFT and if the highest bid is over 7 eth by auction end the auction winner will receive the framed physical painting. Free worldwide delivery.

The auction is scheduled to commence at 4 PM ET on February 5th and will end at 10 PM ET the next day, February 6th.

Following the conclusion of the auction and the transfer of the NFTs, I will coordinate with the winners to arrange the delivery of the framed, physical paintings (if the 7 eth reserve for the digital + physical has been met)

Dimensions of painting with frame: 55 cm x 95 cm / 21.5” x 37.5”

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