This summer the prophecy will be fulfilled…

The Legend

After painting this portrait of larger-than-life businessman, programmer and crypto personality, John McAfee in 2018, John invited me to his beach house in an artist residency role. After much contemplation I decided not to take him up on his offer, although now I do regret not going. What an adventure it would have been! 

John died in 2021 in a Spanish prison cell, ostensibly by his own hand, though many believe this was in fact an assassination. Two years prior John stated “If I suicide myself, I didn’t. I was whackd.”, which he mentioned publicly several times and even tattooed “$WHACKD” on his right arm

The Legend, John McAfee lived life on his terms, and though his life was marred by controversy there’s no denying that McAfee’s legacy will continue to inspire future generations, reminding us that true innovation often emerges from the unconventional and the fearless pursuit of one’s passions. 

To commemorate John McAfee, on 18th September – John’s birthday – on Nifty Gateway I will release a limited-edition physical print and NFT package derived from The Legend, my 2018 portrait of him. The original painting was created with oil and wax on Financial Times articles, in particular articles about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. 

Prints are 60 x 80 cm, signed, and limited to an edition of 65. Shipping and packaging in a high quality, custom-made box is included in the price.

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