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Art Angels Live at NFC – The Artists

Here is some more information about the seven artists and artworks that featured at the first live Art Angels event at NFC.

Grisha Kim

Artist-architect that creates huge works in hand-drawn graphics, finding inspiration in architecture and nature.

Сomposition #1

In this work, I expressed the aesthetics of shops and signs, which have a special appeal. Seeing the appearance, we decide where to go and what to choose from the endless variety. A large puzzle of showcases combined with a special composition.

Genrikh Kim

Full member of the Russian Academy of Folk Art. Honorary Member of the International Academy of Contemporary Art.


When the thought does not give rest, you search, think, but there is still no solution. The more you think, there are more questions than answers. Finally, your body is powerless from crazy mental roads, your body is tired, hungry – stop! In the days that follow, you don’t even want to remember the crazy hours, maybe days. You forget everything. And then one day, when you don’t think about anything, you just sit and look at the clouds, trees, branches on which the birds take turns feeding their chicks … Bang! Like a thunder from the clear sky! Oh insight!

Jérôme Oudot Trëz

Visual artist residing in Paris, Trëz’ work confronts Matter and Mind. Using a combination of creative tools, painting, drawing and digital, his work is resolutely focused on the relationship that humans have with themselves, their quest for knowledge, their contradictions, their relationships to others, to their time and environment.


This work tells us about the last moment before the beginning of an irreversible event. It is the last breath before the dive into the unknown depths, the last second of waiting before jumping into the battle… An eternal freeze frame before everything collapses. This is a drawing made with graphite on paper which was then slightly retouched digitally, especially the tint. The character on the horse was inspired by an image from a talented photographer friend, Louise Dumont.

Andrés Zighelboim

Erotic energy transmutation, through inks and oils. Magical realism and Jewish Mysticism. For love, I have lived for art.


Oil on panel.

EVERY MAN AND WOMAN Is a man And a woman.

Every man and woman Is a star.

Rachel Pease

Landscape artist and envoy of nature. Rachael’s work documents real trees and locations. Her drawings weave reality with strings of fantasy, imagination and past memories.

Gateway (sold)

This work captures my encounter with a remarkable natural entity, a large Black Walnut tree, amidst the aftermath of wildfires in California. As the flames subsided, I found myself drawn to this untouched tree, standing resiliently amidst the dry earth. I began to perceive this tree as a guardian that protects the secrets of the earth. It serves as a conduit, connecting us to unseen worlds. Its branches extend outward like spider legs, surrounding a hole. What mysteries lie beneath its dark depths?

Digital artwork based off of a pen and ink drawing.


Venturing into surreal black & white worlds since 1990, exploring the unknown and unlocking the mysteries of paradigms.

Impromptu #1 (sold)

“Transactions don’t always require two parties. Everything is a transaction. Time spent doing one thing instead of another. In diving below the water’s surface, you trade breath for weightlessness. Existence itself is a grand transaction, a loan taken out on in our physical plane, to be paid inevitably in the future. This work tells a story of all the transactions —literal and metaphorical— we engage in as we traipse through the world. Ingmar Bergman’s work makes an appearance (transaction for a soul). A submerged female form reminiscent of Ophelia (transaction for love). Money being given and being taken, dollars bills proving to be imprison as well as freeing. Kristen Visbal’s Fearless Girl; fear, or lack thereof, is a transaction too. But the image that most intrigues me is the white tiger lazing atop tree limbs, staring directly at us. The transaction there is only implied. But boy, is it implied. As we look back into the eyes of the creature Paradigmstories has created, we instinctively understand the terms.” @CohentheWriter

First collector takes the physical hand drawn piece. Dimensions 50X65cm.

Reinhard Schmid

A professional artist for more than 30 years. His fantastic, surreal images are based on a general concept which he calls the venusmachine. The combination of the sensuous female energy with the more technical male aspects, often depicted in some kind of machinery. His work is whimsical, complex and mostly with a humorous or erotic touch. He regularly uses his traditional paintings as a base for his digital art.

Memento Vivere (sold)

“Memento vivere” is a Latin phrase that translates as “remember to live”, as opposed to the more familiar “memento mori”, which means “remember that you must die” and is about the awareness of the miracle of life and the conscious appreciation of our existence.

At the center of the composition is a contemporary interpretation of an angel. Breaking away from traditional depictions, she emanates a cyberpunky aura, blending elements of cyberpunk and steampunk aesthetics. Her presence symbolizes the convergence of past and present, bridging ancient wisdom with a futuristic perspective. Her purpose is to inspire us to fully embrace and appreciate the miracle of life rather than taking it all for granted.

In this multi-layered digital collage based on my own art, the background is a visual symphony, composed of an infinite looping zoom into a painting, overlaid with a rapid sequence of drawings from my sketchbook. This creates a timeline tracing my creative evolution. A poignant letter written by my great-grandfather during World War I adds personal depth and emphasizes the fragility and importance of life.

The wing movement is timed at 5 seconds. Therefore it also serves as a timer for a breathing technique known as “5-5 breathing”, that involves inhaling and exhaling for a count of five seconds each. It is a simple breathing exercise that aims to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and increase mindfulness.

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