The Oath – Free Open Edition NFT

This week Charles III will be formally crowned King of the United Kingdom at a magnificent ceremony in Westminster Abbey, London. And to mark this historic event, Trevor Jones – in collaboration with Apollo Entertainment and The Evening Standard – will be releasing his own royal mint: a majestic NFT entitled The Oath. Read on for more information or click the button below to go to Nifty Gateway to get your own free open edition of The Oath (from 4 to 7 May UK time).

For The Oath Trevor has painted St Edward’s Crown, the most important artefact of the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom. Made of solid gold and studded with 444 precious and semi-precious stones, this has been the crown of coronation since 1661 and will be used once more in this year’s ceremony. The crown stands on a background that conveys a sense of the elemental forces of nature: an allusion to King Charles’s lifetime passion and tireless campaigning for the protection of the environment. The title of the piece refers to the Coronation Oath, in which the monarch solemnly swears to govern the peoples of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth Realms according to their respective laws and customs.

And you can take your own Oath, as Trevor’s artwork will become available as an open-edition NFT that anyone can receive free of charge from Nifty Gateway – all you need to receive it is an email address. This release will go live from the start of 4 May (UK time) and will be available to mint until the end of 7 May (UK time) (mints restricted to one per email address). Links to the open-edition will appear on this website, and QR code links will also be printed in the 4 May edition of the Evening Standard newspaper.

But this is just the beginning – once taken, it is of course important to keep your Oath. On 14 May, a week following the King’s Coronation, everyone who still holds their open-edition of The Oath will have the chance to receive The Crown – an enhanced limited-edition version of the NFT. Trevor has worked closely with Apollo Entertainment to create this adaptation of The Oath that brings incredible animation and sound to the original artwork. An edition of 444 The Crown NFTs will be created: 25 will be held by trevorjonesart, Apollo Entertainment, and the Evening Standard, and the remaining NFTs will be airdropped from random draws into the Nifty Gateway accounts of 419 lucky Oath keepers.

And there’s more – everyone can get up to three chances to win one of ten signed physical prints of The Oath measuring 60 x 60 cm (23.6 x 23.6 in) by entering their details in Trevor’s SweepWidget giveaway promotion here.

So join us from 4 to 7 May to take your Oath and be in with a chance of winning an exclusive animated NFT fit for a King!

If you would like to see how the animated NFT will look, scan the QR code to the right with your device, install the Artivive app, and then scan the image of the crown above to see it come to life!

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