The Alotta Money Charity Donation Wallet

In addition to the Alotta Money Charity Exhibition and Auction, we have recently launched the Alotta Money Charity Donation Wallet. Also in support of Maggie’s cancer charity, this is a wallet for collectors and artists to donate NFTs, which will be sold at fixed prices later this year and the proceeds added to the funds raised by the Exhibition and Auction. We have been amazed by the initial interest in this, with artists and collectors from our wonderful community donating over 60 NFTs in the first few days. We are incredibly grateful to all our donors and regret that we do not have the resources to thank each of you individually. This has already been so successful that we hope to continue to grow and develop it into an ongoing philathropic project.

If you would like to donate an NFT to the Alotta Money Charity Donation Wallet, you can find it here – and thank you very much!

Alotta Money (AKA Philippe Fatoux) was a true digital architect, constructing a successful career from making and distributing his distinct art style in NFT format. He was beloved by both artists and collectors alike, having amassed a substantial and passionate follower base over his career. Tragically, Alotta passed away due to cancer on March 3rd, 2022.

Maggie’s is a charity with a network of centres across the UK and beyond, which provides professional practical and emotional support to people who have been diagnosed with cancer. You can find out more about Trevor’s relationships with Maggie’s and Alotta Money in this video:

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