This summer the prophecy will be fulfilled…

Art Angels

Art Angels Episode 3 – Saint MG

In the third episode of Art Angels, Trevor and the collectors meet artist Saint MG.

Thank you to this episode’s guest collectors CryptoCapt, Bitcoin Madame, and Nick Frontera. And thanks also to our partners at NFT Culture and SuperRare.

Different scenaries of masterpieces of the past and worlds on my mind. Born from the mix between classical art and 21st century, fashion and art, a new setting is created and a slightly different story is told with Easter eggs in each of them. Can you find them?

Saint MG
Art Dealer by Saint MG

Each artist mints and auctions a new work on SuperRare on the day they are featured on Art Angels, with the auction ending one hour after the end of their episode. For this episode Saint MG minted Art Dealer, which sold for 3.373 ETH.

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