This summer the prophecy will be fulfilled…

Art Angels

Art Angels Episode 1 – NurArt

Welcome to Art Angels, a programme that examines the work of emerging artists, hosted by Trevor Jones on Twitter Spaces. In this first episode, we are pleased to feature NurArt.

We would like to thank our three guest collectors, who join this episode’s discussion: IncomeSwiss, Kingofmidtown, and Paddy_Stash. Thanks also to our partners at NFT Culture and SuperRare.

I am a visual artist who draws, paints, creates physical and digital art, always learning new ways to express myself, to show my inner world.

Lucid Dream by NurArt

Each artist mints and auctions a new work on SuperRare on the day they are featured on Art Angels, with the auction ending one hour after the end of their episode. For this episode NurArt minted Lucid Dream, which sold for 1.777 ETH.

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