We are fortunate to have some great companies sponsoring our first Castle Party. These will make the Castle Party a really special event, so a big thank-you goes to everyone featured below.


Metacask is the first ever NFT marketplace for whisky cask investments. Trevor collaborated with them last year to produce The Angel’s Share NFT, which sold at auction along with a very rare cask of 30-year old Macallan whisky for over $2 million.

We are delighted that Metacask will be joining us at the Castle Party, with their own bar in the Chapel, at which they will be inviting guests to try a range of rare whiskies.

There will be free drinks bars throughout the party, and we are very grateful that Metacask have agreed to pick up the tab for these.


Apollo NFT

Some of our guests may wish to remain anonymous, and some may just want to look cool! Either way, they’ll be glad of the exclusive Castle Party masks that we’ll be handing out to all guests.

The masks will be supplied by Apollo NFT, the premiere NFT consulting firm and production studio helping brands and artists to integrate NFT technology. They are best known for the Satoshiverse, a collaboration with comics artist José Delbo to create an epic blockchain based superhero universe.

The masks will be modelled on the Satoshi the Creator character design combined with images of the Bitcoin Angel. They look amazing, and we know our guests will love them!