The Alotta Money Charity Exhibition and Auction

For Castle Party 2023 we will be honouring the memory of the great Alotta Money by showcasing a curated selection of NFT artists and raising funds for the cancer charity Maggie’s in our charity exhibition and auction. If you are an artist and would like to be considered for the exhibition and auction, please see the details below.

Who was Alotta Money?

Originally from France, Alotta Money (AKA Philippe Fatoux) was a true digital architect, constructing a successful career from making and distributing his distinct art style in NFT format. He was beloved by both artists and collectors alike, having amassed a substantial and passionate follower base over his career. Tragically, Alotta passed away due to cancer on March 3rd, 2022.

This exhibition and auction will raise funds for the cancer charity Maggie’s in tribute to Alotta Money.

What is Maggie’s?

Maggie’s is a charity with a network of centres across the UK and beyond, which provides professional practical and emotional support to people who have been diagnosed with cancer. The funds raised by the auction will go to support the Maggie’s centre in Edinburgh. You can find out more about Trevor’s relationships with Maggie’s and Alotta Money in this video:

How to apply

Initially, we are asking artists to apply to be a part of the exhibition and auction by completing this form. You should not submit any work to be shown at the event at this stage; we just want to see examples of your current artwork, from which we will decide on the list of artists. In total, 30 artists will be chosen to participate; 24 of these will be chosen by the company of trevorjonesart, and the work of the remaining applicants will be put before the trevorjonesart community to be voted on for inclusion in the final six places. The selected artists will receive a free entry ticket to Castle Party 2023.

What we are looking for

When we have decided on the list of 30 artists, we will give each participant a brief giving more detail of the artwork to be created for the exhibition and auction. The brief will be open to broad interpretation, but we hope that some aspect of the artwork will reference the life or work of Alotta Money. Artworks for inclusion must all be NFTs (or able to be turned into NFTs) that can be auctioned on MakersPlace and will be displayed on screens at the physical exhibition. If an artwork also exists as a physical version (such as a painting or print), the artist may choose to exhibit the physical version at the exhibition instead of the digital one.

Division of funds raised

For each artwork that is auctioned on MakersPlace, 15% of proceeds will go to MakersPlace for their fee. Of the remaining funds after fees have been taken, each artist’s sale will be split 50:50 with the charity Maggie’s.

Auction location and times

The NFT auction will be live on MakersPlace 1-10 September 2023.

MakersPlace is the world’s most trusted marketplace and community to discover, buy, and sell authentic NFTs from the world’s leading digital creators.

Exhibition location and times

The artworks will be displayed to attendees of Castle Party 2023, which will run 3-5 September 2023, in the beautiful Music Room of Château de Vallery near Paris, France. Artworks will be displayed on digital screens unless a physical work is provided for the physical exhibition.


The window for initial applications is 28 March until 7 April 2023.

The deadline for final artwork submissions will be 30 June 2023.