Castle Party 2023 Theme: Steampunk

To tie in with the forthcoming release of Trevor’s latest series of artworks, the theme of Castle Party 2023 will be steampunk! The standard dress code for the evening events will be smart/casual, but steampunk styles will be especially appreciated, and we’ll be awarding a prize to the person with the best costume. You can find some very affordable steampunk clothes and accessories at online retailers, such as these at Amazon. Here are a few examples to give you an idea…

Starting off as a subgenre of literature that brought 19th century technology and aesthetics to science fiction, steampunk has expanded into films, art and fashion. Its motifs include stylishly-dressed heroes and heroines, steam-powered vehicles and clockwork robots. Common steampunk clothing includes leather, velvet, lace, goggles, hats and metal accessories.

But don’t worry if you don’t have your own steampunk costume, as we’ll be providing steampunk masks like the ones below for all attendees to pick up at the party, so everyone will be able to join in the retro-futurist fun!