Rooms within the château are fully booked, however there are several options available for accommodation nearby.

Accommodation near the château

Attendees may wish to find a nearby rental house or room on Airbnb.

We also have a map showing local B&Bs, which can be viewed and downloaded here.

Accommodation in Sens

We will be putting on daily transport for the event to and from the local town of Sens, which is an approximately 20-minute drive away from the château. There will be drop-offs / pick-ups in the town centre and further drop-offs / pick-ups at major hotels as requested.

We will be in contact with attendees closer to the event to find out what transport they require and which time slots work best. These trips will run multiple times in the morning and evening of each day. There are also local taxi companies, should you wish to make your own transport arrangements.

Further recommended sites for booking accommodation

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