Angel Ascension

Hear all ye angels, progeny of Light,

Thrones, Dominations, Princedoms, Virtues, Powers,

Hear my decree, which unrevoked will stand.

John Milton, Paradise Lost

In the beginning (2018) the legendary Bitcoin Angel, The Ecstasy, was created.

On 24 February 2021 the Bitcoin Angel dropped as an open edition on Nifty Gateway. In the seven minutes of minting time available, an entire host of 4,158 angels was populated, and an exceptional community of Angel-holders was founded.

And now we announce the next stage of the divine plan. Having completed their mission on Earth, it is now time for up to 950 of those Angels to return to Paradise.

To ascend, the Angels must gather once more on Nifty Gateway to await the call from on high. In groups of five, ten, and twenty they will ascend, so, if you hold at least five Angels and would like to nominate them for ascension, please ensure they are all on Nifty Gateway.

The decision for precisely which Angels ascend is subject to a higher power, so, at 10:30pm GMT / 6:30pm ET on 11 March, three draws will open on Nifty Gateway. There will be a bronze draw for groups of five Angels, a silver draw for groups of ten Angels, and a gold draw for groups of twenty Angels. You will be able to nominate your Angels for ascension by entering the draws, each of which will be open for seven days. Each draw entry will require a payment of $1.

You can enter as many draws as you have angels for but each draw only once. The Gold Ascended Angel will be drawn first at 10:30pm GMT / 6:30pm ET, the Silver at 11pm GMT / 7pm ET, and the Bronze at 11:30pm GMT / 7:30pm ET. Therefore, for example, if you have 10 Angels but were unable to win the Silver Ascended Angel, your 10 Angels will be returned to you and you will have 30 minutes to enter 5 of them into the Bronze Ascended Angel draw. Good luck!

Ascended Angel clip (Silver)

If none your angels are not selected in the draw(s) at the end of seven days, they will return to you and your $1 entry payment(s) will be refunded.

And if your Angels are drawn, they will ascend to the heavens and leave in their place for you a shining eidolon in the form of a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Angel NFT!

Upon Ascension:

  • Groups of twenty Bitcoin Angels will become one Gold Ascended Angel NFT
  • Groups of ten Bitcoin Angels will become one Silver Ascended Angel NFT
  • Groups of five Bitcoin Angels will become one Bronze Ascended Angel NFT

In total there will be NFT editions of no more than:

  • 10 Gold Ascended Angels
  • 25 Silver Ascended Angels
  • 100 Bronze Ascended Angels

And that’s not all! All holders of Bronze, Silver and Gold Ascended Angels will automatically qualify for our exclusive new rewards initiative: The Archangels.

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