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Trevor Jones Art

The ramblings of a Canadian artist in Scotland. Stories about paint, life, love, kilts and a little bit of South Park.

Blogger: Trevor Jones
Originally from Canada, I set out in 1996 with a backpack and an appetite for adventure. Three years and four continents later I found myself in Scotland, fell in love with it, and decided to stay.

As Christmas is fast approaching I thought I'd post some of the most innovative paintings of the time of the baby Jesus and the Nativity scene beginning with the Adoration of the Magi by Giotto di Bondone (c. 1320). 



Adore_that_MagiPictures of the Nativity, the first night of Christ's life on earth, tend to emphasize the fragility of the infant and the wonder felt by those who first witnessed his coming. The child is usually centrally positioned (although not in this composition), and the Virgin is shown in loving contemplation. 

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So the inexhaustible Mr David Sandum is organising his third #TwitterArtExhibit to raise money for charity. Below is one of two of my submissions to this fantastic event.

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La Jeune Tarentine (1871) by Alexander Schoenewerk, Musee d'Orsay, Paris

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Check out the restoration job on Elías Garcia Martínez 19th century fresco by 80 year old parishioner, Cecilia Giménez.  -- Seriously, OUCH! 

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EardleyI felt honoured to have been invited to exhibit at the UNIONgallery’s 2012 festival exhibition Mark of Beauty as my paintings would be on display next to some of the great, contemporary Scottish abstract artists;

artists I'd read about and admired while studying for my Fine Art degree at Edinburgh University not that long ago...

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Edinburgh_Castle_Edinburgh_Scotland_picturesMark of Beauty

@ the UNIONgallery

Would you like your artwork on display this August in one of the trendiest galleries in the stunning, neoclassical city of Edinburgh, Scotland? This will be at no cost to you; regardless of whether you’re a professional or nonprofessional artist, and no matter where you live in the world.

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How many have you done and what would you add to this list?



  1. Swim with dolphins
  2. Scuba dive on Great Barrier Reef
  3. Fly Concorde
  4. Go whale-watchingwhale_watching
  5. Dive with sharks
  6. Skydiving
  7. Fly in a hot air balloon
  8. Fly in a fighter jet
  9. Go on safari
  10. See the Northern Lights
  11. Walk the Inca trail to Machu Picchu
  12. Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge
  13. Escape to a paradise island
  14. Drive a Formula 1 car
  15. Go white water rafting
  16. Walk the Great Wall of China
  17. Bungee jumping
  18. Ride the Rocky Mountaineer train, Canada
  19. Drive along Route 66
  20. Fly in a helicopter over the Grand Canyon

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artists_paletteThanks so much to Sharon Blair, a fellow artist I met through Twitter about a year ago, for introducing my work to the editor of the popular Australian art magazine, Artist's Palette. The latest issue has arrived with a fantastic 7 page spread about my personal art journey and a painting demonstration. It just goes to show you how valuable building relationships through social media can be, regardless of where in the world the other person lives. Click on the image to read the full article.

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phishingOK, so I’m back in Edinburgh from my short break along the south coast of England and I’ve drafted what may be the final email exchange with Steven Patrick, the online scam artist who’s been trying to take money from me for a little over a month now. After a wee chat with my police office friend I’ve decided it’s best to bring this to an end. I wanted to somehow take the high road and, at the same time, leave Steve feeling like a little bit of a dick. Click here to read more...

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Jennifer_LeighOK, now that I’ve received Steve’s cheque I need to figure out how to keep him on the line. I had two options and I decided to go with #1 and send him an email telling him that I think the cheque must have been lost in the post and to please send another immediately. The other option, on the advice of a police friend of mine reading my blog, was to tell him that the bank wouldn’t cash the cheque as he spelt my name wrong and he’d need to draft another. I like the misspelt name idea but decided it’d be better to use that excuse for the following cheque Steve sends me… assuming he doesn’t completely lose his patience and end communication.  Click here to read more…

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I found Steve's twelfth email to me yesterday in my inbox asking if I had the cheque yet. I didn’t respond until today to keep him on edge. I still haven’t received the cheque and so I thought I’d let him know I’m losing patience with him. I’ve always loved the word “shenanigans” but rarely ever use it in a sentence and thought this would be a perfect opportunity. Click here to read more…


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danny-trejoI decided to spice the story up a little bit and introduce another character. Ladies and Gentlemen, please put your hands together for Vinnie, the debt collector. I owe Vinnie money and he's beginning to get angry with me as he wants the money back now. How's Steven going to take this news? Will he speed up payment to help me out? Ps. I didn't send a photo of Danny Trejo to Steven. I only posted it here to add  visual effect. Click here to read more...

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Zebras_in_Arusha_ParkI was so happy to arrive to the office today to find another email from Steven “Con Artist” Patrick from Quebec, Canada. I’d sent him two emails early yesterday morning and he hadn’t responded so I thought maybe I’d scared him off. I decided it would be nice to get to know each other a little better and, as he is about to move to South Africa, I wanted to tell him about when I was there and send him a few photos (I’d found on Google images) for that "personal touch". Below are my emails from yesterday along with his reply this morning. So funny! Click here to read more...

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Today I was contacted by someone named Steven Patrick. Steven is from Quebec, Canada and wants to buy one of my paintings he saw on my website. I've copied his email below and, as you will see, it seems very 'above board' and legitimate. I initially fell for it and emailed back to him, which I’ve also included below. Click here to read more...

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BugsLifeWallpaper800Do you live in or have you visited any of these 21 amazing cities below? If so, would you like to be a part of my next art project?

I’m beginning work on a group of paintings that will, through new technology and social media, become interactive, changing, 'living' things... but I need your help. These paintings are related to and inspired by travel and, in particular, world cities. If you've travelled to any of these cities you can upload your photos to an online gallery and become part of this innovative art exhibition. Click here to read more...

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A million apologies for the long, long break! Last year was absolutely chaotic and I spent all my free time working towards painting for my solo show "The Poem of Ecstacy" at the Leith Gallery and also on the Trees for Life charity exhibition I'd organised for November. I also took on the position of Executive Director for Art in Healthcare, which has kept me out of trouble since September.

poem_of_ecstasyI'm happy to say I managed to pull it all off without having a nervous breakdown (it was touch and go for a wee while) and I'm now back to paying attention to this site.

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Let’s get back to nature and raise some money for a great cause

2011 International Year of Forests

Twitter-LogoThe United Nations General Assembly declared 2011 as the International Year of Forests to raise awareness on sustainable management, conservation and sustainable development of all types of forests.

Work with me and Trees for for Life to save the Scottish Caledonian Forest - with a little help from Twitter.

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facebook_logoI stumbled upon a fantastic online artist's resource quite some time ago that I keep going back to. The author, Drew, is brilliant with his great advice and for his honest, no-nonsense commentary on the complexities of trying to "make it" as an artist in today's world. Click here to read more...

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Edinburgh, Scotland

I'd like to present to you the stunning artwork of a Scottish painter I've known for quite some time. Camilla Watson's use of paint really is exquisite and so I've uploaded some images here with a short write up and bio along with a link to her website and contact details if you'd like to find out more. She's definitely an artist to keep your eye on.

Camilla_Watson11Watson belongs to a long tradition of Scottish painting, which was largely influenced in the early 20th century by French artists such as Monet, Matisse, and Cézanne. Click here to read more...
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A little less than two years ago, notable Scottish art historian and Edinburgh University lecturer, Bill Hare was diagnosed with cancer.

It’s been a long and arduous journey back to health; however, Bill has, with great relief, recently been given the ‘all clear’ by his doctor. Click here to read more...
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Summer school classes at Leith School of Art

LSA is one of the most highly regarded art schools in Scotland, offering a wide range of classes including drawing, painting, printmaking, and jewellery making.

Leith_School_of_ArtThe school itself is based in a converted church originally built in 1868 by Norwegian Lutherans. Click here to read more...
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